Sunday, April 3, 2011

Carne de Panela (Pan Meat)


- 1 kg of cow outside flat
- 3 soup spoons of olive oil
- 1 chopped onion
- 2 chicken broths
- 1 soup spoon of salt with garlic
- 5 drops of chili
- 1 coffee spoon of powdered bay
- 1 coffee spoon of monosodium glutamate (ajinimoto)
- 1 soup spoon of paprika
- 1 kg of peeled potatoes
- 0,5 kg of chopped carrots

1- Fry the olive oil, the salt with garlic, the chicken broths and the onion in a pressure cooker until golden.

2- Add the meat (cut into cubes) and let it cook for a few minutes. Add all the others ingredients, less the potatoes and the carrots, and add 0,5 L of water. When it's boiling cover the pressure cooker and wait 45 minutes.

3- Open the pressure cooker and add the potatoes and the carrots. Cook for 15 minutes more and serve with white rice.

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